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I'm flying from AKL (Auckland) to HNL (Honolulu) next month. The flight stops in Fiji (Nadi) for 6.5 hours.

I realise it's tight, but I have a New Zealand passport and a desire to see as much of any country I visit, even if only a few hours.

If I am quick through customs and out the door, with transport options and the like, realistically how much time would I have in town, and given I arrive at 4pm on Easter Sunday, what would be open in Fiji on such a day? Will the buses and/or taxis be running?

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According to the airport web site, since your connection is longer than 6 hours, they won't even let you hang out airside anyway.

If your transit time exceeds six (6) hours, you will be required to exit Immigration and Customs and enter Fiji

Might as well make a virtue of necessity. That website includes timetables for three bus lines that run to towns and resorts. Some of them seem to be as much as 2 hours from the airport, but there are stops closer as well. The town of Nadi is only 9 km from the airport, though it has no beaches.

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