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Where can I watch the turtles lay their eggs in Costa Rica and Panama in the second half of April? I am mainly interested in places that are accessible by car (4x4 is fine).

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There are at least 2 tours that I could find that could fit your criteria:

Undiscovered Carribean


LeatherBack Volunteer Vacation

I am sure that you could probably get to those beaches on your own if you choose to but I think these would be better. There is actually a whole slew of tours just like those at


More on Turtle Watching in Costa Rica

And Even more on Turtle Watching including a map

And with the best map I could find

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We ended up watching the leatherback turtles on the Gandoca beach. This was organized through an agency in Puero Viejo de Talamanca (I can't remember the name of the agency). I can certainly recommend this option, and after reading more about turtle watching I think it is actually get by far the highest probability of success in April.

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