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Possible Duplicate:
Choices for prepaid GSM data with laptop tethering in Europe?

I will travel to Europe this year. Is there any 3G with data package that will be work on most of this selected cities (London - Amsterdam - Munich - Venice - Paris ) How much it would be?

Question originally by Rudy, but was combined with another question so I split it out.

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Unfortunately, the solutions to this seem quite limited.

Droam50 will provide you with 50MB of data per day €27.50 for the first day and €3.50 per day afterwards. Alternatively, you can receive 1GB for €65 and €45 per GB (or part thereof!) over 30 days. Not very flexible at all. Various countries have certain limitations - but it works quite well across Europe. Unfortunately, you also have to pay expensive shipping costs for receiving and returning a Droam. In Australia, it would cost me €68 just in shipping costs.

Another option seems to be to obtain a pre-paid SIM in Europe and add a booster. T-mobile has boosters that cost between £1 for 3MB for a day, or £5 for 20MB over a week, or £10 for 50MB over 30 days. You may need to pay for some normal credit as well. You may also want to add a booster for normal calls.

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the "certain limitations" link is quite outdated now:… and so are the prices (as you can see on this same PDF) – cregox Jan 29 '13 at 18:18

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