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Does anyone know of a place to hire motorbikes in Thailand, say Bangkok or Chiang Mai, and ride them into Laos and back? The trip will be self-guided and should take no longer than two weeks.

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that's a good loop you can do with you motobike from Chiang Mai: – greg121 Nov 20 '12 at 14:30
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Yes, it is possible to hire motorbikes in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. I haven't done this myself but some friends did. It costs about 200-800 baht per day to hire one depending on the type of motorcycle you get. It might make sense to buy one from an expat or a another traveller, then sell it when (if?) you go back to Thailand. You will definitely need to have an IDP to drive around in Bangkok as police keep a watch out for tourists.

The problem I foresee with your plan of driving to Laos could be that many motorcycle rental places in Thailand retain your passport. You could try convincing them to leave just a copy of your passport but for long-term hires they may not agree. You also need to have paperwork to cross the Thai-Lao border on bike.

Those are the basics. GT Rider is a good place to start your research on the exact documentation you need to cross the border, the kinds of motorcycles usually available for hire, maps, et al.

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Thanks for that info Ankur, gives me confidence befroe heading over. I have check the GT but they dont have any specific places to hire or detail if they will let us take them over the border. Looks like i will have to get my negotiation boots on. – Peter Grant Jun 29 '11 at 3:26
@Peter: See for list of documents need to cross border. A good place for specific places to hire would be the GT Rider forum. – Ankur Banerjee Jun 29 '11 at 3:31

I hired a scooter in Chiang Mai for 200 baht a day. However, an accident there might cost you about 4000-5000 baht. You would be very lucky if the damage is minor and you are quoted a damage cost below 4000 baht. No license is needed, just a passport will do. They will keep your passport when you rent the bike.

The rented motorbike does not usually have enough milage to bring you from Bangkok/Chiang Mai to Laos. Furthermore, I highly recommend against travelling to Laos as the roads in the Laos section of your journey may be bumpy and not well-suited for your rented motorbike.

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