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What is the best part of year to visit Australia.

I'm interested in following criteria:

  • Number of tourists (high/low season)
  • Accomodation price
  • Weather
  • Cultural events
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High season is Christmas / summer which is December-February. Accommodation is cheapest in the low season, which is winter, unless you're going to a ski resort. Weather varies around the continent as much as it varies around Europe or North America, etc. In the tropical north the summer is the rainy season, elsewhere it is the warmer/hotter drier season. Which cultural events? Or at least which kind? There's usually stuff on all year but possibly more around spring and autumn and the least over winter. –  hippietrail Feb 25 '12 at 12:14
Is high season good or low season? You're being rather vague here and 'best' is subjective. Could you please rephrase your question for specifically what YOU want to find out? What areas are you heading to - different times of year are better for different places. As it stands this question is too vague, so will be closing, but if you do reword it, please flag it and we'll reopen. –  Mark Mayo Feb 26 '12 at 12:47