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A friend of mine was in Amsterdam this weekend, and he made an awesome photo of a building with a wall that looks like a book shelf:

enter image description here

Unfortunately he has no idea the of the address, and he doesn't have a picture of the building as a whole, nor its purpose. He wants to go back there again next week and take some more photos. Can you give the address for this building?

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Well got a few hits but nothing to solve the problem...

But Google Image Search using your photo as the search parameter was more helpful.

One of the many hits was to a blog called The Sticky Egg, specifically the post from November 13 2011 called "Feeling Bookish", which includes an address:

De Batavier in Lootstraat, Amsterdam.

Then hunting around Google Street View, it seems to be 37 Lootstraat.

37 Lootstraat

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