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I am specifically interested in walking/hiking/cycling rather than going to the beach or skiing.

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The Appalachian Trail is a stop on the Metro North Railroad on weekends.

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Considering the available schedule from Grand Central I'd make it a 2 day trip. – Karlson Feb 11 '12 at 15:25

If you don't like biking around Central Park. Try Bear Mountain. There is a race there in the summer but I can't find the info now.

You can go to the Poconos for hiking, Trail Biking, Kayaking, Fishing. More on the Poconos here.

There is also Catskills but I wouldn't do it in one day.

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I once did a day trip from NYC to Princeton University, which is not that far away. I really went for the campus, which is really nice (when compared to the 1970s concrete bunkers of my Uni) and also for record shopping. But there are several hiking trails nearby. The Sourland Mountain ones look interesting. I haven't been around in New Jersey that much, but that part of it was actually quite nice.

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