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I am looking for health retreats in Japan. Specifically places that offer meditation (not necessarily zen), healthy food, a relaxing environment and beautiful scenery. I would like to stay somewhere in the mountainous area around Nagano, or perhaps around Kyoto.

Can anyone suggest resources to help me in this search?

(Mods: I would like to tag this question with 'retreat' but do not have the points to do so).

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Mount Kōya might fit those requirements. It's a town in the middle of the Kii peninsula, a 1.5 hour (very scenic) train ride from Osaka (so around 2 hours from Kyoto), a sacred place of Buddhism, and many of the temples offer lodging. Guests can join the monks in prayer and meditation and will be served a very tasty (and healthy) vegetarian breakfast and dinner. The surrounding mountains offer several hiking trails. The scenery is nice but mostly not spectacular (the mountains are not very high).

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That's a great option. Thanks! Leaving the question open for a bit longer. – Synesso Feb 6 '12 at 11:14

Wikivoyage has a couple of meditation retreats around Japan:

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