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I am looking for a travel insurance (I am resident of the UK). I looked at both Virgin Money travel insurance and InsureAndGo insurance - and it seems that the Virgin one is actually underwritten by InsureAndGo. Does anyone know if these two are exactly the same insurance, or are there any relevant differences?

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Not sure about the UK. The basic thing in the US is that the insurance companies will simply let the other companies resell their rebranded products. – Karlson Jan 29 '12 at 15:37
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That's correct, Insure & Go is the underwriter for both Insure & Go's products as well as Virgin Travel Insurance. Virgin Money does its own branding, pricing (similar products by the two companies have different prices - Virgin's seems higher), and customer support / claims (Virgin handles that for its own products). If you don't want to read a dense policy wording document, have a look at the 'keyfacts' document all insurance providers in the UK are supposed to publish to compare for Virgin Money and Insure & Go.

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