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I have been looking around the internet for sites that will help you plan your route around the world. Apart from Google maps or Bing maps who only work from A->B i have been unable to find anything else decent.

For me I am planning a 2-3 month trip around Europe with many countries. At the moment I have this route in my head but It does not adhere to Rail, Road or Air routes. So Im hoping there is something out there that will help me plan my route so I can use the best methods for transport etc.

Here is my journey plan in its crudest form.

enter image description here

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I used Tripline to show where I've been on recent trips. Again it's point A to B, but at least you can easily share it on facebook or a blog. For example, my 2010 South American journey map is embedded on my blog.

They are in beta and seem to be adding new features fairly recently. I'd love them to add the ability to show two people travelling at once - like if you were racing someone across Europe, showing where you each were at diff times on the same map would look awesome.

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