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I know there are buses running between Istanbul Turkey and Tbilisi Georgia.

I know they take about 30 hours and cost about $35.

What I don't know is what time they depart Tbilisi and what time roughly they arrive in Istanbul.

I also don't know whether there is just one company or several, and whether they leave from Ortachala or Didube station or some from each.

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Following my own advice from my answer to Is there an equivalent to “The Man in Seat Sixty-One” for bus travel?, I looked on the Lonely Planet page for Tbilisi:

A minifleet of four or five buses run by different companies departs at noon for Istanbul (US$40, 27 hours) via the border at Sarpi, Hopa, Rize

They leave from the second bus terminal:

Ortachala bus station (753433; Gulia 1) is something of a backwater, about 2.5km southeast of the Old Town.

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