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I'm looking into a home exchange / house exchange deal where I can swap my place with someone else for a month. Does anyone know any good sites for locating other people in the same scenario?

I've used Airbnb before and found it great. The fact people can link data to their account or have reviews gives you a little more trust in renting from a stranger.

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The top-known one that I've heard of is Home Exchange. It's international. However since I'm renting out my house, I've not done it, personally.

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Thanks - I came across that site. It seemed to be lacking a bit when compared to other sites such as airbnb (No reviews from what I saw etc.) – steve Jan 10 '12 at 20:32

I think is another best home exchange website.

share|improve this answer may facilitate your aims by putting you in touch with people with travel accommodation requirements. However from a friend who has used it, the impression I get is that it's more about being present in your house where people come to stay. But check it out.

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Another alternative is . This is a new alternative with thousands of homes. I joined last year and I already swapped twice: France and Italy, and everything was ok in both cases.

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Some others you may try are:

Each has a somewhat different flavor. GTI, for example, has an eco-friendly appeal.

share|improve this answer and are the biggest exchange sites, have a look at them too.

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