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Im looking for resources ala but only for villa rentals. Does anyone know of any good sites like this?

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I've changed this to a community wiki. – Mark Mayo May 10 '12 at 1:03

Here are a few just by Googling.

Amalfi Coast 1, Amalfi Coast 2

Here is all Europe:

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For France, a great site for renting farmhouses in coutryside or small villages is Gîtes de France.

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I'd take a look at Air Bnb, it's starting to really appeal to me for big bookings, or for non-standard hotel bookings.

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Just an addition to Mark Mayo's answer, Roomorama is also a website that similar to AirBnb.

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The largest such site is, which is a big roll-up of many smaller sites that got bought by the same company.

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very usefull indeed! – netbrain Dec 30 '11 at 11:09

In Spain the biggest (and also the one that offers better prices) is idealista. You can try to find by "rent" "holiday" in any of the country areas. Good luck.

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A great search site is Otalo, it searches all the leading vacation rental sites (like airbnb, HomeAway, Niumba, etc.) for you. They list over 500,000 holiday rentals for just Europe:

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