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It is estimated that the Oyapock Bridge between France and Brazil will be finished in 2012. I have already been to Oyapock and ever since I dreamt to do a road trip starting in French Guyana. Looking on Google Maps, the roads from Oyapock into Brazil seem to end in the Amazon rain forest and in Macapa. While in Oyapock 5 years ago, I saw quite some cars driving around. This made me wonder if there are onward journeys possible from Macapa.

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looks like there is no motivation to get it finished:… – Janus Troelsen May 14 '15 at 20:13
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Agreed, Macapá is in the most deserted state of Brazil. Being right by the mouth of the Amazon river, you run into the same problem that Oyapack suffered until the bridge - a giant expanse of water.

However, taxis for R$30 can take you 25km south-west to the town of Santana. From there, you can can travel by boat across the river to Belém(24 hours), Santarem (40 hours, hammock R$ 125, cabin R$ 250) and Manaus(5 days) - plus some other smaller places. From these cities you can easily get buses to travel further south.

I reckon one of my dream trips is to do this to Manaus, then to take a 6 day boat ride up the Amazon to Leticia in Colombia. It sounds amazing!

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do you have more information on those boat rides? – Janus Troelsen Sep 8 '15 at 17:54
@JanusTroelsen not at hand, no, I just recall from when I was researching this back in 2011. All found through google, though. – Mark Mayo Sep 8 '15 at 23:11

I just came across a video blog of some one doing that trip in oposite direction. So far it seems feasible by bike.

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