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WikiTravel and other easily Google-able sources tell me there are buses that run between the Georgian and Azeri capital cities, but no details. I'd like to know the follow for a Chinese guest who just arrived at my hostel in Tbilisi:

  • From which bus station in Tbilisi do buses to Baku depart? Ortachala? Didube?
  • Is there just one bus company or several?
  • How many buses per day?
  • What time do the buses leave?
  • What is the fare to Baku?
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  • Buses are leaving from the Ortachala bus station
  • 4 buses a week
  • 20 Lari from Tbilisi to Baku

Source: OnTheStreet

For times and confirmation of the service, I would still go over to the bus station.

The Lonely Planet page for Tbilisi also mentions buses from Marneuli (30km south of Tbilisi) to Baku.

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