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Mount Roraima is said to be the mountain that one in the Pixar movie "Up" is based on.

Pixar image:

enter image description here


enter image description here

If I'm in Caracas, what's the simplest land-based way to reach Mount Roraima, and is it climbable?

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The town you want to get to near the mountain is called Santa Elena de Uairén.

From Caracas there are direct buses (22 hours) or buses via Ciudad Bolivar (8h + 12h) or Puerto Ordaz (12h + 9h). Bus companies you can try are: Expresos Los Llanos, Expressos Caribe, Expressos San Cristobel and Expressos Occidante.

In Santa Elena you can get on a tour, a company with a good description of their tours online is Kamadac.

You can also continue by yourself, the Wikipedia page about Mount Roraima has a section 'Ascensions' which describes your options to get to the top.

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