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I would like to walk a part of the Camino del Norte, starting in San Sebastian and turning away from the path around Unquera to head towards Picos de Europa. I've heard that there are quite a few parts along this path that require walking on the road, and which aren't as scenic.

Firstly, how willing/unwilling are people to give rides to strangers who are obviously tourists walking the Camino? Secondly, will a combination of walking and hitchhiking allow me to complete the journey in 3 days?

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I have no idea but admire you are even contemplating over 350km of hilly terrain. Even by car it takes 6 hours. –  pnuts Aug 8 at 0:55
I figured it takes about 7 days on foot. If it takes 6 hours by car, that means if I can work in 3 hours of traveling by car I should just make it! –  skepticscript Aug 8 at 1:02
If the first 3 hrs (more highly populated so better hitchhiking opportunity?) that should get you to Unquera (assuming no waiting). From there good'l'Google shows 11h on foot (50km - 2 full days?). But 300/50 is hardly "mostly on foot" (though would seem like it!) Add in sleep etc and waiting for lifts and I estimate "no chance". I have hitched in France and Spain (when I think easier than now) and still had to wait up to ~10 hours on occasion. –  pnuts Aug 8 at 1:27
At a first glance I would say it's unrealistic. For the same path hitchhiking I have taken 1h and around 6 hours. It's simply very hard to know how long it will take to move by hitchhiking. I don't know that area particulary but if you try it (and it sounds like great fun :) ) I would definitly try to have a plan B –  nsn Aug 8 at 8:39
Thanks guys! I like to start my plans out unrealistically and work on them from there. Could you then possibly tell me which parts between San Sebastian and Unquera are an absolute must for walking? Parts where one strays off the road quite a bit? –  skepticscript Aug 8 at 9:00

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