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I am an Indian Citizen going to the US on a J1 visa. The J1 visa is valid from 23rd Aug to 13th September. I am transitioning through London on my way to the US.

For the journey from India to the US, my travel date is the 21st August. I will be halting at London for 6 hours and then will catch my onward flight to the US (New York). I will not be changing terminal at London. Since my US visa start date is the 23rd Aug and my journey date is the 21st Aug, it is evident that I will be in the US visa grace period when I arrive at London. In such a situation, will I need a UK transit visa?

The situation is identical for my return journey too. My US J1 visa will expire on the 13th Sept but I’ll be flying New York – London – Mumbai on the 15th Sept. Again, I’ll be on my grace period after visa expiry. I’ll be halting at London for 3 hours and then will catch my onward flight to India. Again, I won’t be changing terminals at London. Do I need UK transit visa in this case?

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