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I have a similar question to one asked in June 2014. We have a Canadian car with valid Canadian registration but no insurance. We are planning a ten-day trip to Texas. Is there any temporary US insurance available to us?

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This would arguably be more on topic on Travel.SE - I'm not sure that it's an expat question, sorry. –  Mark Mayo Jul 18 at 6:23
Your title implies you want Mexican insurance, your question says you want US insurance. which is it? If it's Mexican insurance you want, see this question. If it's US insurance you want, then how does Mexico relate at all to the question? –  Flimzy Jul 18 at 22:30
I understand the question to concern a Canadian car with Canadian registration, currently in Mexico, without insurance, that wants to enter Texas from Mexico for 10 days and have insurance for the ten-day trip... –  User58220 Jul 19 at 18:21

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