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I have to go from Mauritius MRU airport to Mahebourg, and I'd like to try walking.

Only 3 kilometers apart (even though Google Maps' crazy walking route makes it 88 kilometers)

Is it possible to:

  • Exit the airport by foot
  • Turn left and walk towards the seaside
  • Walk between the coast and the southern part of the airport to Blue Bay Link Road
  • Walk beside Blue Bay Link Road to Mahebourg

... while avoiding death by GPS?
I would prefer to go around the airport via the South, because of big roads via the North.
I don't mind small agricultural trails, as long as they can be used lawfully.

Below is one of the trickiest parts:

Mauritius MRU airport to Mahebourg


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@nic did you manage this? –  Mark Mayo Nov 12 at 1:17
@MarkMayo: I did not have time unfortunately, I will try next time, please someone try if you are there. –  nic Nov 12 at 3:09
This route and this route indicate some walking available, but sadly doesn't cover your whole route yet. –  Mark Mayo Nov 12 at 3:12

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