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A group of us are planning to hire a car and drive from London through the coastal regions of France and all the way down to Bilbao, Spain, I have attached my route with some markers of camp spots iv found. We would plan to stay near medium sized towns like Bordeaux, Mimizan Plage, San Sebastian, Bilbao because of the attractions. What would be some attractive, low-cost campsites, hostels etc. near these towns where we could stay without having to pay "city" prices.


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just need some advice ... :( –  mariovass Jul 14 at 8:25
What are you looking for in an campsite other than "France, west coast? That might narrow the question some. –  Tom Au Jul 14 at 17:44
Looking for camping and things to do in: Bordeaux, Mimizan Plage, San Sebastian, Bilbao –  mariovass Jul 20 at 11:27
@mindcorrosive: I have added some details and "constraints" to narrow the question, and was wondering if the question can be re-opened in its current form. –  Tom Au Jul 20 at 14:15
@mindcorrosive - please reopen really would like some help planning my trip –  mariovass 8 hours ago
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