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I am flying from U.S. to India via Germany(2 stops - Dusseldorf and Munich). There is a 40 min layover at Dusseldorf and 1 h 40 min layover at Munich. I am concerned if I will be able to make to the connection to Munich. Is 40 mins enough time for a transit? Also, I am not a US citizen and will require an airport transit visa, which I am planning to get before I travel. Are there extra clearances/security checks required for Dusseldorf-Munich transit for people on transit visas, which may cause delays?

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you need a schengen visa and not a transit visa. –  Dirty-flow Jul 12 at 9:58
@Dirty-flow AFAIK there is now a standard Uniform 'c' visa for both purposes. Also, for the OP, I'd like to add that being an Indian citizen with a valid or just expired US visa, you would not have required a Schengen visa if you would have been transiting only at one Schengen Airport, but since your trip involves intra-Schengen travel, you will need to clear immigration at the first airport you land in, in Germany. –  Aditya Somani Jul 12 at 18:02
40 minutes seems awful quick to pass through immigration and catch another plane. Also, you may need to reenter through security to change from the international to the domestic terminal (one time at Dusseldorf I had to do so, another time I didn't). –  Noah Snyder Jul 13 at 0:13
It's 40 minutes if your first flight arrives on time. If it is delayed by just 20 minutes then it goes from "very, very short" to "absolutely impossible". –  gnasher729 Jul 13 at 22:59
Is it a through ticket (single booking)? –  pnuts Nov 7 at 22:59

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