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I am trying to find a method to get my 3 loved golf clubs -- putter, wedge 56 and iron 6 -- with me during traveling without needing to take the whole bag. I am sailing, flying, trekking -- so carrying a real golf bag is not an option. I like to use them for all kind of fun during casual travelling. I currently use 100liters' Duffel bag by Hagor but it is not long enough to get wedge/iron6 inside. The Hagor bag is an excellent durable bag but just short enough not to store the 3 golf clubs. I am not getting my 3 golf clubs with me if I need to pay repetitively the golf bag fee. According to the length guidelines such as Norwegian, it is technically possible to have a bit longer luggage. I was considering an option of adding extra pouches to Hagor and have the clubs along the back i.e. use them as support to the back but I don't want to make holes to the waterproof canvas so some special gluing would be needed. So

How are you transporting the minimum number of golf clubs while travelling?

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Btw. I once bought a tester club where it had the removable club face -- it may be the solution. Get 3 tester clubs to the bag with the opener so they may make into the current duffel bag. –  hhh Jul 3 at 23:50
Downvoter, it would be a good idea to comment as to why you think this post is not up to the mark. IMHO this is a completely legitimate post. –  Aditya Somani Jul 4 at 2:35

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