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My ex went to stay with her family in Lagos, Nigeria after we broke up. Its been 12-15 months. Now she is trying to come back to us and she states that British Airline is saying that she must be able to show $1k usd to receive her boarding passes. I haven't left country in a awhile but this sounds strange to me.

Is this true, is there anyway to circumvent that amount of money. I barely have that amount and live here let alone travel with that amount. Please help, because im not sending funds.

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You want us to send her the moneY?????????????????????????????????????????????????? –  Karlson Jul 2 at 0:08
@Karlson no, I'm fairly sure he's just asking if this is essential (show the money) to get a boarding pass... –  Mark Mayo Jul 2 at 2:06
@MarkMayo I can't find that requirement, so either someone is trying to pull a fast one on him or he is trying to do this on us. –  Karlson Jul 2 at 2:19
Where is she flying to? Which British Airline? Or do you mean British Airways? Did she book through them or a travel agent - who is asking for the showing of $1k? –  Mark Mayo Jul 2 at 3:32
No airline will ask to be shown money. She may need to show proof of funds to get a visa. Please give the citizenship of your ex, and her residence status in the US. –  DJClayworth Jul 2 at 3:45

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