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I hope this kind of question is OK for this site. I am looking for a place in Central Europe that fulfills the following:

  • Can be reached without car (public transport only)

  • Has budget accommodation (hostel, b&b, no camping, <40€ per night/person)

  • Several hiking trails (easy to moderate, 10 to 20 km) are in the area and can be reached without a car

Do you have some hints for me where to look?

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Everywhere ? The public transport is very good, enabling you to reach virtually every destination. Hostels and cheap pensions & hotels are easily to find. Most streets, roads and trails are public and can be used without problems. For direct hiking trails there are preserve areas, but their numbers are countless. –  Thorsten S. Jun 28 at 21:10
That's why I am asking for recommendations ;) –  user16981 Jun 28 at 22:10
What kind of hiking are you interested in? Mountains or shouldn't their be a lot of altitude differences? What do you want to see? Glaciers? Lakes? Villages? Cities? Castles? –  RoflcoptrException Jun 28 at 23:08
@RoflcoptrException♦ It really doesn't matter at all, of course it would be nice to have some variety and - as mentioned above - the hiking trails should not be too difficult but may include some altitude difference –  user16981 Jun 29 at 8:49
@user16981 Well then, get a map of Central Europe, pin it on the wall, close your eyes and throw a dart on the wall. The first successful hit is your destination... –  Thorsten S. Jun 29 at 11:55