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I am planning to travel from US to India, for which there is a Lufthansa flight that goes through Frankfurt. There I will be switching from one Lufthansa flight (Lufthansa 9053) to another (Lufthansa 758). The layover time in Frankfurt is around 2 hours.

I am an Indian citizen. I am on H1B visa with an approved extension (has the new I-90 form). But the visa has not been stamped yet in my passport. I would like to know if it is legal for me take that itinerary through Frankfurt (or) do I need a transit visa?

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Based on the flight numbers (and obviously the airline), it seems you are not going through France but through Frankfurt, Germany. –  Relaxed Jun 27 at 22:10
Note that LH9053 is NOT a Lufthansa flight, but instead a codeshare of United 903 (a high 4 digit flight number is normally a giveaway for most airlines that it's a codeshare). –  Doc Jun 28 at 0:43
@Raj, as Relaxed mentioned, what is the expiry of your old H1B visa? –  Aditya Somani Jun 30 at 0:53
@Raj Extension aside there is already a visa in your passport. Will that visa be expired by the time you will travel? –  Karlson Jun 30 at 11:27

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