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I'm switching airports between Haneda and Narita over the course of 30 hours. As a result I have the day in Tokyo. I'm likely sleeping in the airport, so don't have a hotel in town to store my bags at.

Any ideas on luggage storage? Eg the train stations to the airports - would they have storage?

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Drop it all off at my place? =P – Aditya Somani Jun 23 '14 at 4:06
You live in Atlanta, according to your profile ;) – Mark Mayo Jun 23 '14 at 4:06
It's looking like Shinjuku may be the place, although I'm still having a search. – Mark Mayo Jun 23 '14 at 4:07
In Tokyo till August! :P Also, Shinagawa will be better! – Aditya Somani Jun 23 '14 at 4:08
Oh alright, then Shinjuku/Shibuya/Tokyo Station are the best options. :) – Aditya Somani Jun 23 '14 at 4:16
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The easy, safe and cheap option is train station lockers, which can be found at all major train stations in Tokyo (and Japan). Japanese lockers are usually narrow but deep, so while hard plastic suitcases will not fit into them, backpacks are generally not a problem. Some larger stations (eg. Tokyo stn) also have manned left luggage counters (手荷物預かり所 nimotsu-azukari-dokoro), which can handle any size of bag and only cost a bit more than lockers. On station maps, these are usually shown with a "bag-and-key" icon, while lockers are "bag-in-box-with-key".

Which one to recommend, though, is going to depend on what you were going to do during your day in Tokyo and how you're planning to get around.

  • If you're planning on exploring around Shibuya or Shinjuku, I'd take the Keikyu railway from Haneda and leave the bag at Shinagawa. Shibuya and Shinjuku are a few stops away on the Yamanote line, and you can continue to Narita directly on the JR Narita Express (N'EX).
  • Alternatively, you can transfer from Shinagawa to Shibuya/Shinjuku with your bag, leave it at either station, and then take the N'EX.
  • If you're planning on exploring around Ueno and Asakusa, I'd take the monorail to Hamamatsucho, connect to Yamanote, and leave the bag at Ueno. Ueno Park is walking distance, Asakusa is a few stops away on the Ginza Line, and you can continue to Narita directly on the Keisei Skyliner (premium) or Sky Access Limited Express (cheaper, slower).
  • You can also take the Keikyu line via Shinagawa directly to Asakusa, but this takes approximately forever and may require a transfer along the way.

I probably would not recommend Tokyo station: it's huge, remarkably confusing, not terribly close to anything interesting (although naturally it's well connected to the entire city), and not super easy to get to from Haneda. That said, there are very cheap buses from Tokyo stn to Narita, so if you're really pinching pennies it might be worth hassle.

One tip: when you do leave your bag, pay careful attention to where the locker is and how you got there, these are all massive stations and (voice of experience) it's no fun running around trying to figure out where the hell you left it...

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Tokyo station may have a larger amount of lockers and availability of luggage handling whereas Shinagawa may not have either. Check this link for JR East – Aditya Somani Jun 23 '14 at 6:13
Also, Shinagawa is great for traveling but the OP is short on time, which might make Shinagawa an unnecessary trip because there isn't a lot to see there. – Aditya Somani Jun 23 '14 at 6:14
Also, just so you can add to your answer, I'd suggest that no one, NO ONE should carry their bags in Yamanote ever. That man would die a slow and painful death. It's the busiest line on the planet. – Aditya Somani Jun 23 '14 at 6:16
Shinagawa has plenty of lockers, see, and I'm suggesting it because it's central and very easily reached from Haneda. Bags on the Yamanote are no problem outside rush hour, just don't try this at 8 AM... – jpatokal Jun 23 '14 at 6:20
My experience with Yamanote has been that there is always rush hour on Yamanote. But of course, 8AM is hell. Also, finding large lockers at either place will a big pain. OP has a large backpack which may or may not fit in the large lockers. :/ Using the baggage services at Tokyo may mitigate this issue. – Aditya Somani Jun 23 '14 at 6:25

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