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If you have both a domestic and an international (e.g. transatlantic) leg on your flight, checked luggage allowances are determined by the international leg.

Recently, some US domestic carrier have made stricter rules for carry-on luggage on domestic flights by limiting the size of the bags (especially width). Do similar rules apply for carry-on luggage as for checked luggage, i.e. could you get around these restrictions on the domestic leg if you have a connecting international leg, or would you need to check-in your carry-on on the domestic leg of the flight?

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I would comply with the domestic flight to be honest. In case of check-in it's a matter of regulation. In case of domestic flights, it's genuinely possible that the plane is small and cannot support a larger carry on. I have found it difficult to store my 17 inch laptop bag in the overhead bins and have almost always had issues while stowing it underneath the seat. –  Aditya Somani Jun 19 at 9:23

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