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I'm a British national. The flight I'm looking at is from Malaysia to Tan Son Nhat International in Vietnam. There's a ten hour stop over before I can make my connecting flight to London.

I am getting a lot of conflicting information regarding my visa situation. states:

Transit: Visas are not required for passengers in transit, provided they have an onward/return ticket, are continuing their journey within 24 hours and do not leave the transit area of the airport.

This sounds awesome but they don't cite their sources and I can't find anything official that corroborates with it. I've spent the best part of the last hour googling for more information but have found nothing but conflicting information, some poeple saying a visa on arrival is essential, some saying it isn't, some saying British passport holders are exempt, others saying they're not... my head is in a tizz and I'd be hugely appreciative if anyone could offer some concrete information.

If it does require a visa on arrival I will probably scrap the idea and use a different airline as it makes the whole venture a lot more costly and complicated than it ought to be.

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The most reliable source will always be to contact the embassy or whichever consulate of Vietnam in is most convenient to you in the UK. – choster Jun 17 '14 at 15:01

You do not need a transit visa, as long as you are connecting to another international flight within 24 hours AND staying airside (within the transit / international departure area).

If your flights are on the same carrier (ie Vietnam Airlines) then likely you will be given both boarding passes when you check in for the first flight. If not then you need to first stop by the Transfer Desk and they will issue your next boarding pass(es). You will need the boarding pass to clear the security check point before entering the departures area.

The departures area has some shops and food options, but it is not real spacious and handles a lot of passengers. There are lounges available and like most airports admission depends on carrier and fare class. There is at least one (Apricot) that sells day passes, which might be worth it for your 10 hour stay, with food, drink, wifi, showers.

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Please note the comments "If staying within the departure lounge" - There is nothing in HCM airport and it will drive your crazy for 10 hours, so I say arrange your Visa on Arrival for $45. Money well spent if you ask me. If you're travelling on a budget, then of course you will be confined to the airport, but on the plus side you can sit, watch people and wonder how many tourists will continue wearing those hats once they board.

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