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I am a national from Mexico, currently an exchange student following a program in France and have a "long séjour" residence permit (multiple entry visa). During the summer holidays, I plan to travel outside Europe, and then I will return to Europe to continue my studies but I want to enter from Spain (my French visa will be still valid). Will this cause any trouble? Or do I need to re-enter Europe on the country that issued my visa (i.e. France)?

Also, is any visa issued from any Schengen country considered as a "Schengen visa"?

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The relevant legal texts do not, as far as I know, give any specific meaning to the term “Schengen visa”. A regular Schengen visa for short stays is called “uniform visa” because the rules are the same in the whole Schengen area. A long-stay visa is not a Schengen visa in the sense that the requirements and procedure to obtain one are not laid out in the Schengen visa code but you can enter through Spain or visit other countries in the Schengen area with a regular French long-stay visa.

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