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I'm planning a trip to Cancun from The Bahamas without a VISA. My question is, do I need a VISA to get back into the US or this wont be a problem? I'll be traveling by plane with a stop-over in ATL and from there to Cancun. Thanks guys, all answers appreciated.

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Welcome to Travel.SE. You did not indicate your nationality; in any event, there is no sterile international transit via the US. You must have a visa or qualify for a visa waiver. – choster Jun 14 '14 at 13:37

You will need a visa, assuming you are Bahamian and planning to come back to the Bahamas.

On the out bound flight to Cancun, you can pre-clear US Immigration in Nassau or Freeport and assuming you meet the requirements for Bahamians (no criminal record, traveling for tourism, etc), can enter without a visa for up to 30 days. But on your return trip from Cancun, you will need a visa to stop-over in Atlanta (or any other USA airport). If by chance you don't meet the pre-clearance rules, you would need a visa going both ways.

You can find more indepth info on this on the US Embassy website for the Bahamas:

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