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I have 2h40 between two international flights at Ministro Pistarini Airport, in Buenos Aires. Am I screwed?

Coming from Santiago and going to Brazil, both flights are in Terminal A.

The tickets are from different companies (coming with Qantas via LAN, going with United via Turkish).

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Are they on the same ticket, or different tickets? (Makes a big difference to the risk of problems) –  Gagravarr Jun 12 at 22:25
oh yeah, I forgot about that! –  Roberto Jun 12 at 22:31
What are the on-time stats like for your inbound Qantas flight? And if there's enough of a delay that means you can't make the onward flight, how much of an issue is that? –  Gagravarr Jun 12 at 22:56
I don't know about the stats, where can I find that? If I lose that flight it would be very bad since these flights are already too expensive. –  Roberto Jun 12 at 23:37
Are you sure you are flying into BA (incidentally, I've never heard anything other than Ezeiza for that airport) with Qantas (not say LAN)? I though Qantas withdrew services to BA in 2012. –  pnuts Jun 13 at 1:26

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