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My two minor children (both 8 y.o.) are traveling from Toronto to Warsaw for three weeks this summer. My wife and I are married and living together with the children.

Besides passports, what additional documentation or letters are needed to make the trip hassle free?

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Possible duplicate: travel.stackexchange.com/questions/13966/… –  Karlson Jun 12 at 18:47
@karlson good find. Minors should alias to children (or the other way around). I'd remove the Air Travel tag. –  Chris Cudmore Jun 12 at 18:58
Not a duplicate because of a different country. –  DJClayworth Jun 12 at 19:02
Well, we could have 150 different versions of the same question based on country change alone. Tough call. Take it to Meta. –  Chris Cudmore Jun 12 at 19:05
Not a duplicate because laws can be different. –  Ankur Banerjee Jun 13 at 9:05

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