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Though I have some experience with travelling/backpacking through Asia (India, Nepal, East-Asia) this year will be the first time I visit a country like Kyrgyzstan and will also be the first time I want to arrange a tour before the trip starts.

I've already contacted I few companies that organizes tours in/around Kyrgyzstan, of which one already mailed me a program with calculated costs (Click to see). Though I have the feeling the costs are a bit high (especially the stuff not included), I actually have no idea what is normal in Kyrgyzstan and like to hear your opinion on this. Also; how flexible are tour operators in Kyrgyzstan to just book a tour after arrival in Bishkek? We are staying for ~18 days.

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Just an FYI, it is possible to explore Kyrgyzstan on your own. I did it on my first time there, and only met one person who went on a tour. Saying that, her tour sounded AMAZING. – Mark Mayo Jun 3 '14 at 8:17
If you hop into the chat and flag me, I can give you some advice. I won't be back on for a couple of hours tho. – Mark Mayo Jun 3 '14 at 8:18