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I am planning a trip with my parents and my wife in August to Slovenia and Croatia. I will begin my journey from Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany. In Slovenia I intend to visit Ljubljana, Lake Bled and Postojna Cave. In Croatia I would like to see Plitvice lakes and Zagreb.

I plan to spend 3 days in each country. From there, I will be proceeding to Vienna. It costs me the same to reach Zagreb and Ljubljana from Freiburg. Initially I was thinking I will do:
Freiburg → Ljubljana → Bled → Postojna → Ljubljana → Zagreb → Plitvice → Zagreb → Vienna.

But in this itinerary I would have to visit both Ljubljana and Zagreb twice. I would like to know if there is any way I can rearrange the trips such that I don't have to pass through the same place twice. One constraint: I have to start from Freiburg and proceed to Vienna; I have no other restrictions. How can I plan this trip best such that I can save on time and money?

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How are you travelling? Bus? Train? Car? Bicycle? Flight? –  Gagravarr Jun 2 at 8:42
From Freiburg it would be a bus. All the other trips would be made with public transport bus/train. –  user996018 Jun 2 at 9:03
Can you buy a bus ticket from Freiburg to one city, and back from the other? Or does it have to be a return to the same place? –  Gagravarr Jun 2 at 9:05
I would be arriving from Freiburg and proceeding to Vienna. So return ticket is not an issue. –  user996018 Jun 2 at 9:06
In that case, you would seem to have perfect freedom to arrange your trip how you want, and can chose to avoid a double visit to a city if you want. Can you please clarify what your actual problem is? –  Gagravarr Jun 2 at 9:23