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One Canada Square, incorrectly referred to as Canary Wharf is the tallest building in London, but it's proving difficult to find out for sure whether it has any public viewing platform or bar or restaurant accessible to the public, or any open days or such when an exception might be made to allow public viewing at certain special times.

One Canada Square at Canary Wharf

Is there any way for a normal member of the public to view London from this building?

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The tower is used solely for office space and is not open to the public. In the early days there was a viewing deck but this was stopped due to concerns following IRA bombings.

(taken from

However, it would appear that if you know somebody who works there, they are able to take you on a tour of the building.

enter image description here

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25 Canada square, the Citi Group building, which as far as I know is the second tallest building in London does have a cafe on the 27th floor (I may be incorrect with the exact floor number), which is open to the public. It offers amazing panoramic views over London, and especially the new Olympic sites and London City Airport.

Source: I used to work for Citi group

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Citi's cafe is on the 36th floor. However, you will need to know someone who works there such that you can be there as their guest.

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