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Since I eat a lot, I easily get into trouble when travelling. I cannot survive for long eating the typical restuarant menus, I need to be able to order the right quantities of ingredients such as the amount of carbs, fats etc. When this is not possible I have to improvise (eating dinner twice etc.) but it's then difficult to eat enough. I end up feeling hungry all day and my focus will shift to where I can get the next meal instead of what I am supposed to be doing. In emergency cases, I can deal with this for a few days, but then I have to get back home.

When I have to stay for longer, I simply book an expensive hotel but then the costs are not paid by me. I was wondering if there are cheaper hotels (price range below, say, $130 per day) where they by default can prepare dinner when requested by the customer.

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Is staying in a hotel with a kitchen in the room an option? For instance, Marriott has its Residence Inn brand, Hilton has Homewood Suites, and so on. –  choster May 30 at 14:00
The problem with that or staying in an appartment is that I would arrive and immediately have to know my way in the local supermarkets. Also I need the right equipment, like weighing scales that either has to be present there or I have to bring that with me. –  Count Iblis May 30 at 14:04
@CountIblis Most of the extended stay chains (Residence, Homewood, et al) offer grocery shopping services. If you leave a list with housekeeping in the morning, the fridge/cupboard will be stocked by dinnertime. –  LessPop_MoreFizz May 30 at 14:23
I'm not sure what the question is - do you want to order dinner at non-dinner times, or control precisely what food is in your dinner? –  Kate Gregory May 30 at 16:17
Bernhard, it did feel like a disease when I was about 20 and this problem started to get worse. I started to faint from hunger despite eating normal quantities of food (glucose levels were abnormally low given what I had eaten). A large number of test had been done and they came all out negative for any disease. Eventually I did learn to live with this problem, I'm probably physiologically normal, it's just that my metabolic rate is double of someone of my weight. –  Count Iblis May 30 at 19:27

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