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I intend to travel around Israel and Palestine (excluding the Gaza Strip). When I tell people about this I am often greeted semi-shocked responses, people seem to think it is very unsafe and I am risking my life.

I on the other hand have been approaching the trip as if I am going to a first world nation, and although there is obviously some religious/political tension, I am going to be safe (or as safe as I would be in most western nations) and have a good time. Is this outlook naive?

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I got the same in Korea telling people I was going to Japan and the same but amplified in the Republic of Macedonia when I told people I was going to Albania. I survived both (-: –  hippietrail Oct 16 '11 at 10:21
Watch out for crazy drivers, both Israelis and Palestinians can drive like mad men. Otherwise have a great time. –  Zachary K Oct 17 '11 at 14:52
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Israel side of the map

Israel is like any other western country. The Israelis are warm and kind people. Street thieves and pickpockets are very uncommon. Because of the political/religious tension, Israel security systems and regulations are world class, as is medicine, technology etc.

Of course it has places that you should be extra cautious, or aviod. But those places are usually not of tourist interest.

Avoid visiting conflicted areas like East Jerusalem neighborhoods, the Arab people there tend to be hostile. Most of the tourists attacks happened in and around that area. Yet these sort of attacks are very rare right now.

Palestinian side of the map

Been there only once for a day so I can't say much. It depends on the places you are going to visit. A few things to remember, show no Pro-Israeli signs, if you are Jewish, you better skip this part of your trip. Better travel in an organized group.

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