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I have asked a related question on finding accommodation during road-trip in the Czech Republic. One of the given answers suggests to inquire at the local tourist information centres. Given that I will be traveling during the summer holiday, how reliable is it rely on tourist information centres in the Czech Republic? I know that this approach doesn't work in the south of France, where you really need to book ahead. How is this in the Czech Republic (not considering Prague).

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The answer depends on the city. In Prague there are 1000+ hotels, not to mentions the dozens of properties on AirBnb. While it's common to see 90+% booking rates on, there will always be some hotel with free rooms at a reasonable price. No need to go to tourist information centers, just book online.

enter image description here

In a place like Cesky Krumlov the selection of hotels is very limited. The local tourist information center might help, as there are many hotels in the country-side without proper online booking. However even in the worst case scenario you can always go to a nearby city - in the case of Cesky Krumlov I've simply booked a nice hotel at nearby Ceske Budejovice.

Therefore my advice is not to bother with pre-booking (unless you really care about staying in city centers) and simply finding the closest free hotel on the spot.

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But that is the question is the czech republic in general fully booked in the summer. As said, I would always pre book for the south of France. For the rest of France I usually take my chances. – user141 May 23 '14 at 12:59

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