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I applied for a Schengen visa 2 years ago and got it, but the visa was revoked because I tried to travel to another Schengen country, which I wasn't allowed to due to the limitations on my Schengen visa. I was giving some days to vacate the country, which I did. I wasn't deported – it's a voluntary departure – but the earlier visa given was canceled.

Since my earlier circumstance has changed, can I re-apply for a new Schengen visa and this time? Or am I going to be refused because of my earlier visa revocation, which I still have on my passport? I am only visiting the country that is going to issue the Schengen visa. The earlier visa was issued by the Latvian embassy; now I intend to travel to Estonia as a tourist again.

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"am I going to be refused" - It's impossible for us to predict what the visa authorities will do. They will look at your previous history and make a decision whether to grant you a new visa or not. We do not have the information they have about your history, so any answer you get from the internet is going to just be a guess. –  Greg Hewgill May 8 at 2:59
@GregHewgill maybe there are some policies, he's asking about that. –  Lohoris May 21 at 14:16

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