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My understanding from Wikitravel is that you can get a helicopter or ferry from Hachijojima. However, it's unclear what time this ferry is, or whether you'll have downtown after the morning arrival of the ferry from Tokyo.

I'm wondering if it's possible to get a ferry direct from Tokyo to Aogashima, or if chartering is perhaps an option - basically, is there another way to do it, and if so, how? (aside from hitching).

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The Aogashima village home page summarizes your options nicely, although only in Japanese:

enter image description here

Basically, there are no direct options, you have to transit via Hachijojima. The ferry leaves daily except Sundays at 10 AM (2:30, ¥2,590), but is subject to weather conditions and apparently only goes out around 60% of the time (!). The helicopter is daily at 9:20 AM (only 20 min, but a whopping ¥11,210), rain or shine.

Since the ferry from Tokyo is scheduled to arrive at 9:25, it's possible to connect directly to the ferry, but not the helicopter. However, if you fly in on ANA flight 821, it arrives at 08:30 in time to catch the heli.

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