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So far I had two car accidents when abroad in the EU. Each time it was a no-brainer that the other party was responsible. The first time I stood in a traffic jam, while being rear-ended from behind. The second time someone ran into my car while being parked. Each time there was no issue both parties filed a European accident form (example below) to their respective insurers.

The first time it took 1,5 years to get processed and the second instance is still being processed (2 months now). Both times my own insurance states that although the claims have been filed, they didn't get any response yet.

Anyway processing through the insurers simply takes time. There is the possibility to take full risk insurance, but I tend to drive older cars making an all risk insurance over-kill. Also I wouldn't be surprised that with these all-risk insurance's your no-claim discount will not apply while an accident report is being processed.

The question is that if you are involved in a car accident either abroad or with a car from another EU country, is there a speedier alternative to get things done, besides going through insurance companies? Can I directly contact the insurer of the other party and if so, how?

I am simply surprised that albeit a standardised accident form in the EU, processing still takes such as extensive time.

Europees schade formulier Source: Wikipedia

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Maybe I'm missing something, but surely you give the details to your insurance company, they arrange for the repair, then they send the bill on to the other person's insurance company without you needing to get involved? –  Gagravarr May 6 at 12:52
@gagravarr In case of an pan european accident they arrange for an assessment by an expert. You have to wait for the reply by the other party insurance. They have some sort of right to contest the experts assessment. –  andra May 6 at 12:56

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