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I will be traveling through Vietnam, and am looking to get some tailored shirts. Unfortunately, the only place I'll have enough days in one place is Hanoi, so I'd like to do that there (I've read there are many wonderful tailors throughout the rest of Vietnam).

Where can one get tailored clothing made in a few days in Hanoi?

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A blog on the topic of tailors in various cities in Vietnam, says that for Hanoi:

As a recommendation to make a suit to measure in Hanoi, the best tailor and the best store is Cao Minh. Cao Minh also tailoring shop in Hanoi, also owns two shops in Ho Chi Minh City. Cao Minh Hanoi is located at 250 Hang Bong Street (a few blocks south of the lake of Hanoi). Cao Minh also has online shop, but do not buy a tailor-made suit online unless they have made us one previously and we have the exact measurements.

A lengthy review on the topic on TripAdvisor suggests:

Bambou Silk

8 Nha Chung

It's in the Old Quarter, near the cathedral.


Another shop he got a good suit from (also in the Old Quarter) was:

Duc Minh

24 Hang Da

(I've trimmed snippets out of the lengthy review, for more detail click the link and have a read - they provide good descriptions of both)

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I only checked out Cao Minh, to anyone wondering their prices were about $100 US for a shirt. – Felix May 24 '14 at 18:15
Wow 100$ is simply too expensive. For a shirt I don't think it's higher than 500kVND (~25USD) – Lưu Vĩnh Phúc Aug 31 at 8:53

To add to Mark's recommendations, I had two shirts made at Binh Minh tailor (warning: flash-heavy website with music!). The shirts came out very nice, and the cost was about $50 US per shirt (depending on the fabric).

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I often do it at Duc Nhuan 37 Hang Dau, the price depends on the fabric material, but the cost now for tailored shirts is about from 15$ to 20$, if you want to get it back soonest, please pay some extra.

You also can do it at: Duc Class - 73 Nguyen Huan

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Hi, and welcome to travel.SE. Please do only include links that are unrelated to the answer. Your website seems to be about tours offered in Vietnam and have nothing to do with either getting a taylor in Hanoi, nor how to tip in Vietnam and I have thus deleted the links from both answers. Also if you do link to your own homepage (I assume you are the same Tim as the one with the phone number on the website), then you are obliged to declare that and you can only do that if it's actually relevant to the answer. – drat May 11 at 8:09

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