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I'm looking for a major car rental company that also rent roof top cargo box. Anyone know of any company that offer this service?

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I understand that's your question. But presumably you're asking the question because you have a problem to solve. And if the problem can be solved as well or better by buying a cargo carrier, one might expect you to appreciate that information. But maybe I'm being silly. –  Flimzy Apr 24 at 20:18
But why don't you want to buy one? To save money? If you can buy one cheaper than renting, it won't save money. THAT is the point. –  Flimzy Apr 24 at 20:24
i want to rent a car and it would be preferable if that company also provide cargo box rental service. –  Chairman Meow Apr 24 at 20:28
You're not answering my question. I suppose you're more interested in arguing than getting an answer. I'm off to do better things. –  Flimzy Apr 24 at 20:43

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