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I'm considering renting a van for my upcoming trip in Iceland and it would be awesome if it was possible to rent a Volkswagen T1/T2 there. Despite all my searching, it looks like there is no rental company offering such service.

Is it possible to rent a VW T1/T2 in Iceland?

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I think the chances are very slim in finding one. I guess it's because there are very little (none?) volkswagen T1/T2 vans in Iceland. I base this guess on a search of an Icelandic second hand car site. If they would exist there I would expect to see at least someone offering one for sale. Of course this was a quick search and I might be mistaken. –  Bart Arondson Apr 23 at 16:04
You know there is ferry to iceland? smyrilline.com you could drive your own t1/t2 –  andra Apr 23 at 20:29
Just for the fact that the T1/T2 are by today's standard antique cars I would assume that this is next to impossible. Unless you find a private person who owns one and rents it out to you. –  uncovery Apr 23 at 23:54
I know it's hard, that's why I'm asking it here :-) –  Geeo Apr 24 at 5:33
I guess you are aware that VW T1/T2 are classic cars and for one in a good shape you have to pay a lot (~30'000$ -50'000$). Even if you drive only the ring road, you're gonna hit some gravel roads (well gravel is nearly everywhere). I guess after several weeks you have to repaint some parts (fender, bumper, etc.) to prevent rust. So I guess the easiest way is to buy one for example in Europe and take the ferry --> directferries.co.uk/iceland.htm It's about 2000$ - 2500$ for a return ticket –  Mathias Apr 28 at 14:15

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