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  1. I am travelling from Delhi to Dubai via Air India on 22.05.2014 and will land in Dubai at 22:45 pm.
  2. next flight from Dubai to Istanbul (turkey) via Turkish Airlines on 23.05.2014 at 5:40 am (after 7 hours).
  3. I have booked both flight on my own, separately, hence technically they are not connecting flights.
  4. I will not be leaving airport. I do not have a visa for Dubai but I do have a visa for Turkey.

Could you please confirm the following:

  1. Will I get "ok to board" confirmation on Delhi airport (India) for travelling to Dubai (UAE) without a Dubai visa?
  2. Do I need a visa to stay at Dubai airport?
  3. I will have luggage, how do I collect my luggage at Dubai airport for onward journey to Turkey without going through passport control?
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And you are a citizen of which country? –  karancan Apr 18 at 15:41
To quote @Gagravarr: "Once you've done the trip, please post up what worked and didn't as an answer!" –  pnuts May 19 at 16:16

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The answers are yes, no, depends on the airport. I have never been on this particular route, but by international agreement airports let transitioning passengers stay in the airport until their next flight. Do not try to leave the airport, you need a visa for that.

Your third question is the tricky one. You may (but maybe not) need to pick up your bags and drop them off at the next flight. Every airport is different but you will not need a visa to do this. Ask a flight attendant for help if you find yourself confused. 7 hours should be more than enough time to figure it out.

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That isn't universally true about "by international agreement" - some countries require airside transiting passengers of some nationalities to have visas even for airside transit, and some countries (eg USA) never offer airside transit –  Gagravarr Oct 4 at 18:02

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