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Aogashima is one of the Izu island of Japan that isn't very famous for some reason, but definitely should be.

The whole island is basically a volcano rising steeply up out of the sea. Within the caldera of the volcano is a second smaller volcano with its own second caldera!

The island has a population of about 200 living in the village inside the large crater.

But I can't find a lot of information about tourism there. Wikivoyage has a brief article. What I can't find is whether it's possible/safe to visit the inner crater/caldera.

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Yes, it's possible, people even camp there specially for the starlight. These images are by the way the 4th hit on Google search for "aogashima".

This tiny map which somehow disappeared from the official website of Aogashima also indicates where the path is to reach the center.

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