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According to Wikipedia, Nepal has "open borders" with India underneath the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship.

As far as I understand, it's not a truly open border as movement is restricted to Indian Citizens only.

By truly open border I mean, for instance, the Vatican City and Italy wherein anyone allowed entry into Italy is legally allowed into Vatican City even though the microstate is not a part of the Schengen Area or the EU.

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Its open only for Indian or Nepalese citizens. Its not open for citizens of other countries.

http://www.nepalembassy.in/visa.htm This is Nepalese link which says Indian citizen entering Nepal should have proper identity to prove that they are valid Indian citizens, that means no need of visa.


And this is link from Indian Embassy in Nepal. On first line it says "Except Bhutan & Nepal Nationals all foreign nationals including children MUST obtain a visa to travel to India". Hope this helps

And if you are travelling on a car or bikes or any means of transport from one country to another between India and Nepal, you have to make an entry at border check point but its always wise to get a letter(like No objection Letter for a car, bike) from respective embassy from current country.

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can you add some references? –  Dirty-flow Apr 17 at 9:28
Reference can be found in the question itself.. there is a link to wikipedia.. –  SunJ Apr 17 at 10:02
@SunJ Is there any other official link you know of to verify this? –  Aditya Somani May 22 at 6:13
@AdityaSomani I've edited my answer, you can have a look. –  SunJ May 22 at 6:36

Yes, an American, for example, need a visa to enter Nepal, which is not really what I would consider an "open border". Most countries allow some neighbors in without a visa (all the ASEAN countries, the US and Canada, the EU, etc.)

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Why do they still call it open borders then? If you take a look at the wiki article, it is specially mentioned there in the same manner as the EU. Why are the other countries as you mentioned not indicated in the list but India and Nepal are? –  Aditya Somani Apr 18 at 1:31

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