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I had applied and got a B1/B2 visa for business travel last year. The trip got cancelled. However I am required to make a business trip again. The agenda is trainings and meetings. On the invitation letter from client he has mentioned only trainings. Now I am worried they would create issue for this as they might ask me whyI do not have a H3 since I am carrying a B1/B2 and invitation letter mentions only training

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Seems that both meetings and training are allowed under scope of B1/B2.

Relevant purposes of travel allowed on B1 visa:

  • Conference, meeting, trade show, or business event attendee — Will receive no salary or income from a U.S based company/entity. For scientific, educational, professional or business purposes.
  • Training — Participating in a training program that is not designed primarily to provide employment. Will receive no payment or income from a U.S. based company/entity, other than an expense allowance or expense reimbursement related to traveler’s stay.

Source: Dept. of State, Business Visa Purpose Listing

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