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It would be fun to visit a gospel church (is this the proper name?) when in New York City. What churches with great music and some atmosphere are there to choose from. I read somewhere that Harlem may be the area where you can find them. We are not believers so we don't really want to take part in any worshipping - just enjoy the music and the atmosphere of a vivid gospel church service.

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gospel church (is this the proper name?) -- I don't know if it's the proper name--what do you mean? Can you provide an example of what kind of experience you're looking for? – Flimzy Apr 13 '14 at 6:36
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There are tours designed specifically for this:

Free Tours by Foot gives a few choices like:

Of course that's not the only venue to hear the a gospel choir

Or you can just review the New York Gospel site to find the venue you might like.

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